"But nobody ever forgot anything, not really, though sometimes they pretended, when it suited them. Memories were permanent. Sorrowful ones remained sad even with the passing of time, yet happy ones could never be recreated—not with the same joy. Remembering bred its own peculiar sorrow. It seemed so unfair: that time should render both sadness and happiness into a source of pain."

Rohinton Mistry, from A Fine Balance (Vintage International, 2001)

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❝ I love those mornings when you wake to darkness and no one is asking anything of you. You’re under no pressure to exist. This is something of which I am in constant need.
C.R.  (via goodniteowl)
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Paris, 2014
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❝ You don’t get it. I barely understood it. I crave the kind of partner that will tell me when I’m wrong. Someone who will take the time to say to me ‘This is going to be a sucky conversation because it’s going to be uncomfortable but if I don’t tell you, I can’t be certain anyone will and I want you to grow continuously into a superb human being.’ Do you get it? Don’t you want someone who wants you to keep growing?
Mya Wright  (via creepintomysoul)
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❝ The way to love someone is to lightly run your finger over that person’s soul until you find a crack, and then gently pour your love into that crack.
Keith Miller (via quotethat)
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"Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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❝ Feelings can be contradictory.
Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins
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